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1. Language and paper length


The abstract submitted to IMCT2019 should be written in English. The paper length is limited to ONE page. Please provide a table of highlights and a graphical abstract to summarize your abstract.


2. Type-style and fonts


Times Roman is specified. TITLE should be in Times New Roman 14-point, boldface type. Capitalize the first letter of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs; do not capitalize articles, coordinate conjunctions, or prepositions (unless the title begins with such a word). Leave one blank line after the title. AUTHOR NAME(s) are to be centered beneath the title and printed in Times New Roman 12-point, boldface type. AFFILIATION(s) should be center beneath the author name(s) in Times New Roman 10-point, italics type. Leave one blank line after the affiliation(s). HIGHLIGHTS should be in Times New Roman, and the contents of highlight should be in Times New Roman 10-point. ABSTRACT should be in Times New Roman 12-point, single-spaced. Keywords are beneath the abstract and in Times New Roman 12-point.


Note: Do not change the font sizes or line spacing to squeeze more text into a limited number of pages. Use italics for emphasis; do not underline.


Please submit the abstract via given email ID: ntust.cmt@gmail.com